There is no doubt that many appearance altering surgical procedures change people’s lives for the better; both physically and emotionally. It doesn’t take a surgical team to tell you that or you wouldn’t be exploring cosmetic procedures in the first place!


The next major decision it to ensure that you will obtain a result that will achieve your expectations is a safe, pleasant and timely fashion.


The team at Tim Brown use the famous 3 A’s:


Availability – be there for you when you need us, including 24/7 nursing and surgical cover by people you know.


Affability – our staff will always be friendly, courteous and listen to you. Nobody will get angry because you have called with a concern!


Ability – all of our staff have over a decade working in plastic surgery. Mr Brown has over 20 years experience backed up with over 60 peer reviewed publications in international journals that critically examine and appraise his work. He has been awarded prizes for this work in both Australia and the UK.


The team at Mr Tim Brown’s know that they make a difference to their patient’s lives. How do we know? We ask them! By conducting ongoing audits of our performance we identify ways of improving, adapt and reassess.


Tim Brown has an ethos that dismisses platitudes and insists on good, ongoing evidence by which we can improve our service to patients.


Tim Brown is the only surgeon in Australia who consistently publishes his results in peer reviewed journals for assessment by his colleagues around the world. These publications are freely available so you can decide, and perhaps ask the question “why do other surgeons not publish their results too?”


We believe that critical assessment is the only way that experience can truly be gauged.


In common with all good plastic surgical practices, we know that cosmetic surgical procedures:


  • building confidence
  • enhancing self-esteem
  • reducing pain and discomfort
  • balancing out features
  • correcting asymmetry and deformities

OUR VALUES: a high standard of surgical technique, post operative care, and support at all stages of the surgical journey.

Being ethical, honest and trustworthy- and that might include declining surgery which Mr Brown does not believe is in your best interest.
Delivering a happy patient experience
Being safe, compliant and managing risks by audit.
Commitment to continuous improvement through critical assessment
A focus on learning and professional development
A leader in development of surgical techniques and research

To have happy, satisfied patients, staff and surgeons!

To provide continued personalized high quality cosmetic plastic surgical care to the community and share that experience through research and development.





Main Office

Clinic on Clyde, Suite 2, Level 1, 40-42 Clyde Road, BERWICK, VIC 3806

03 8768 5000
Frankston Consulting Suites

Level 3, 24-28 Frankston-Flinders Road, FRANKSTON, VIC 3199

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At Tim Brown Plastic Surgery we aim to provide the highest quality plastic surgery, delivered with empathy and compassion, to help individuals achieve their personal surgical goals.

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