Breast reduction surgery is an option for women who are troubled the physical symptoms caused by the weight of excessively large breasts. 


The procedure is called "Reduction Mammoplasty" and is available to most healthy women.


Research has demonstrated clear health benefits of breast reduction by improving posture, and reducing pain caused by large breasts.


For that reason both Medicare and many private health funds recognize breast reduction as a health related rather than cosmetic procedure and may contribute to the costs of surgery.



Reduction mammaplasty not only reduces the volume of breast tissue but also lifts the position of the nipple on the chest wall. By reducing droop, the centre of gravity is lifted, which accounts for the reduced heaviness described by women who have benefited from breast reduction surgery.


  • To reduce breast size when breasts are heavy and droopy compared to the persons physique.
  • To improve posture and ease pain in the back, neck and shoulders – often because the discomfort of bra straps is reduced.
  • To relieve discomfort and heaviness associated with monthly cycles.
  • To reduce the shoulder grooving produced by large bras.
  • To allow a greater range of physical activity.
  • To raise the position of the nipples and areolas.




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